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 Bruno and Victor merged their dreams and skills in 2016 when they decided to move together to the amazing city of Barcelona, Spain. and started the 2 better than 1 blog, which now is their main and biggest passion. They only feature sophisticated and high quality photos on their blog taken by themselves with a unique style. On the blog you find their Travel tips, life & style posts and Beautiful Picnics ideas. you can follow them on their trips to beautiful places all around the world.

Víctor Sánchez is a dreamer boy born in eastern Venezuela. Surrounded by the sea and a warm weather he has been always strongly connected with nature. From a young age he stood out for his love for traveling and photography. In search of unique experiences and with desire to know the different cultures of South America he had the opportunity to explore Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia. He obtained a degree as a social media manager which opened the doors for him to develop as a community manager for major brands in the fashion industry. In 2016 he decided to move to Barcelona to continue fulfilling his biggest goal as a aviation pilot.

Bruno Trasolini is a Venezuelan guy who grew up around fashion. He has travel and studied in different cities such as Venezuela, Miami and Barcelona. Since 2016 he moved to Barcelona where he has been developing as a model, and working in the fashion industry. He has always been addicted to discovering new places, Bru has ventured through Punta Cana, swam with tropical sharks in the Bahamas, and follow back his family roots from Italy. Bruno loves to push the boundaries and get out of his comfort zone when exploring his creativity both in front of and behind the camera, and feels very ecstatic to start sharing his tips and experiences with his loved ones.

Email: contact.2betterthan1@gmail.com 

Instagram: @Victorsamuelsanchez / @brunotrasolini


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